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Drink to the Queen's Guard

Meet the queen of antioxidants.

100% Australian. 100% natural. The Queen Garnet plum has been lovingly cultivated to be ‘the queen of antioxidants’. The perfect sweet union of taste and wellbeing, it’s cherished by nutritionists and worshipped by foodies.

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250ml bottle of Queen Garnet Australian Plum Nectar

For your wellbeing.

Australian Plum Nectar
$45Pack (10 X 250ml bottles)

Enjoy the goodness of fresh Queen Garnet plums year round, with this deeply refreshing, rich fruity nectar.

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250ml bottle of Queen Garnet Australian Plum Nectar
Royal Alert! The Queen is changing robes!

Your Queen Garnet product still contains all the same delicious (and healthy) ingredients, we're just in the process of upgrading to more majestic packaging.

15 x 10g Sachet box of Queen Garnet Australian Plum Powder

For your creativity.

Australian Plum Powder
$4015 x 10g sachets

Add a touch of royalty to any dish, with this versatile powder, made from nothing but freeze dried Queen Garnet plums.

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from Bonnie, Australia

A nectar a day keeps the doctor away!

100g tub of Queen Garnet Probiotic Chewables

For your regime.

Probiotic Chewables

Show some love to your insides, and your taste buds, with these deliciously fruity probiotic chewables.

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150g sachet of Queen Garnet Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder

For your digestion.

Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder

This prebiotic and probiotic powder is packed full of good bacteria, and the stuff it needs to thrive inside your digestive system.

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The Plum Purist$175(Save $40)
3 x QG Nectar sleeves (30 bottles total) + 2 x QG Powder Sachets (30 sachets total)
The Easy Traveller$100(Save $20)
2 x QG Powder Sachets (30 sachets total) + 1 Probiotic Tub (60 Chewables)
The Happy Tummy$155(Save $20)
3 x QG Nectar sleeves (30 bottles total) +1 Probiotic Tub (60 Chewables)
The Daily Boost$160(Save $25)
3 sleeves of Queen Garnet Nectar (30 bottles total) +1 Probiotic & Prebiotic Powder
A bundle of Queen Garnet Plums laid together, glistening with fresh water droplets

The queen of plums. And then some.

More than just a fruit, the deliciously healthy Queen Garnet plum is also the star of our great wellbeing range, designed to help you take good care of body and soul. Order online, and enjoy anytime.

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Queen Garnet products sitting on a small box

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