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Four Queen Garnet plums sitting on a wooden bunch, with water droplets glistening around and on the fruit
250ml bottle of Queen Garnet Australian Plum Nectar

For your wellbeing

Australian plum nectar$45
250ml bottle of Queen Garnet Australian Plum Nectar
Royal Alert! The Queen is changing robes!

Your Queen Garnet product still contains all the same delicious (and healthy) ingredients, we're just in the process of upgrading to more majestic packaging.

Bursting with goodness, each bottle contains the naturally sweet puree of three whole Queen Garnet plums, and nothing else. Enjoy as is, or mix with soda water, add a dash of ginger, or stir into your favourite yoghurt or ice cream.

  • ENJOY WITH GRACEGive a little shake, or a royal wave, before opening. Once open, refrigerate and drink within 2 days.
  • Ingredients100% Queen Garnet Plum
  • The Royal TreatmentVegan & Gluten free No artificial colours or flavours No preservatives, sulphites or added sugar

The antioxidant plum.
And then some.


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