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Our story

When a love of science, meets a quest for taste.

At Nutrafruit, we believe wellbeing and taste go hand in hand. With the support of Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, we’re dedicated to the development of scientifically backed natural products, with the potential to be ‘best in class’. Because the journey to a richer, fuller life, starts on the inside.

A bowl of ripe Queen Garnet plums, with Queen Garnet plums sliced in half beside the bowl
150g sachet of Queen Garnet Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder

Cultivating a better future, together.

We’re part of RipePlanet, a collective of innovative agriculture businesses, setting new standards in the way Australia sustainably creates, grows and moves fresh produce.

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Working with experts to explore the possibilities.

Queen Garnet plums contain anthocyanin, a natural antioxidant that gives some plants their rich, vibrant red, blue and deep purple colouring.We believe it’s just the start of its wellbeing story.Inspired by its potential, leading Australian universities and scientific organisations are undertaking exciting research to explore the potential of the Queen Garnet plum. Email us to find out more at info@nutrafruit.com.au

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